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Alternative to Skip Hire

Just Etc. are one of few organisations that have the ability to provide skips without the hassle of having to get a permit or license in order to get rid of some waste from your property. Junk Etc provides an alternative.

Our rubbish removal and clearance is an eco-friendly alternative to hiring a skip as the container in which you put your waste in, is on the back of a lorry and can be twice the size of a standard skip if that's the option that you require.

Totally Inclusive prices

The price that we quote you for this clearance will be all inclusive of the waste container, the removal service and the labour from our team. Due to our business vastly growing we will often be able to provide you with a same day clearance although this is not guaranteed. We can guarantee that we can provide a same service 95% of the time at location local to our bases in Epson and Ewell as well as Esher.

The pricing system that we provide allows you to only pay for the quantity of rubbish that you need removing. Unlike a skip where you pay a fix price, if we only fill up the waste container half way with your waste, that is all that you will be charged for.

There is no waste that we will not take

There is no waste that we will not take. Any waste that we take away from you will be sifted through in order to recycle as much as can be. We have confidence that we are being as sustainable and as eco-friendly as can be in the waste industry.

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- We Do All We Can To Recycle the Waste That We Collect

Part of our ethos is to do all we can in the waste industry to be as environmentally cautious as we can be. All waste that we remove will go through our sifting team in Guildford to ensure that we put as little waste as possible into landfill.

Only pay for the rubbish you're getting rid of, not a whole skip

If you need waste removed from your home, work or even the garden we can give you a quotation here.

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Latest Reviews From Junk Etc. Customers

We Put As Little Waste As Possible Into Landfill

" Can't find any faults in the service provided by the team of Junk Etc. The men were very efficient and professional. "

" Joshua - Esher"

" A clean and quick service provided by Junk Etc. would highly recommend and use again. "

" Olivia - Crawley"

Junk Etc. offer an cheaper and more efficient alternative to skips with fast effficient rubbish clearance.

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